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Sunday, 18 October 2009 03:33



Q: How many properties are in Laurel Lane Development?

A: About 159 properties in the community with 135 homes constructed as of October, 2009.


Q: What township is the community located in?

A: The community spans over two Townships, Palmyra and Greene, both in Pike County.


Q: Is there a public sewer system?  How is sewage handled?

A: The sewage systems are the individual responsibility of each property owner.  The system must be totally located on property owned by the user.


Q: How is Trash Pickup handled?

A: The Property Owner must make their own arrangements.  They may utilize any Solid Waste Contractor licensed in the Township in which their property is located.  Contact the Township office to obtain the names of the licensed pick-up contractors for that Township.

Trash must be put out in containers with secure covers to prevent animals / wind etc from strewing the contents about.  This is a requirement of Township Ordinances and is enforced by the LLDA.

Q:  How is mail delivery handled?

A: The Property Owner must make the arrangements with the Greentown Post Office.


Q:  Are there LLDA annual dues?

A: The bills for the Association dues are mailed in January and are payable immediately.  Dues not postmarked by March 31 will incur a $50.00 per month penalty.   Failure to receive notification of dues in the mail does NOT constitute a basis for not paying late penalties.  If a dues letter is not received by February 1, please notify LLDA.


Q: What is the LLDA policy on docks on lake Wallenpaupack?

A:  We have 4 dock areas, which when fully occupied, have a capacity of approximately 80 slips.  It is possible to launch boats at dock area 4, the largest dock area on Laurel Lane across from Wellhouse Road.  To obtain [rent] a slip, when available, a new member must pay a one-time fee of $500.00 plus the annual fee for that year.  In subsequent years they pay only the annual rental fee that is established for that year.  Docks do not transfer with the property, when a dock renter’s property is sold the dock, and its location, is made available to the first name on the waiting list for that slip position. 

The docks/slips are the property of the Community and cannot be rented, leased, or sub-leased to non-members of the Community.  This act is a violation of the Township and County Zoning Ordinances.  Anyone violating this limitation will be liable for all costs, legal fees, incurred by themselves and the Community to resolve any conflict created by the violation.  The boat occupying the slip must be registered to the property owner or any guest residing in the home at the time the boat is in the slip.

Q: Do dock slips transfer with the property when it is sold?

A: No, they do not.  When an owner sells his property, or does not continue to rent a boat slip, the slip is put back into the general list of available slips to be then assigned on a "first come, first served" basis.  Failure to pay for your dues on-time may result in loss of a specific slip, and another  member in good standing could choose to rent that pariticular slip at that time.

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