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Saturday, 05 September 2009 13:43


A Pennsylvania Property Owners Association,Inc 1983


Telephone 570-689-0731




Approved:  March 15, 1998

Revised: June 1, 2000
Revised:  October 2005

Revised: November 2007

Revised:  July 2011

Revised:  Dec. 2014











These Regulations have been adopted pursuant to the by-laws of the Laurel Lane Development Association, Inc. and the covenants contained in the deeds of the property owners for the following purposes:

1.   To establish and maintain a residential community for healthful and harmonious living, enhancement of the natural beauty of the community and maintenance of the economic quality of the property.

2.   To standardize the administrative procedures for all construction undertaken by property owners.


1.   ("LLDA") or the ("Association") means the Laurel Lane Development Association, Inc.

2.   Directors or Board Members shall mean a person serving as a member of the LLDA Board of Directors ("Board").

3.   ("Property Owner") means a member, whether in good standing, suspended, or revoked of the LLDA.

4.   All Property Owners are members of the LLDA. Failure to pay dues and assessments, or the imposition of disciplinary action by the Board of Directors can cause a member to become a member­not-in-good-standing.

5.   The Master Deed of the LLDA contains a Declaration of Restrictive Covenants as filed in the Pike County Courthouse; Volume 225, 226, 227 and 228.

a.   The Schoenagels turned over the wells and water distribution system to the LLDA. The water system is the responsibility of the LLDA.

b.   The Schoenagels reserved a 10-foot wide easement on the roadsides of all roads, said easement to be used for public utility purposes. They also reserved a 5-foot easement on the side and rear property lines of each lot to be used for public utility purposes.

c.   They also reserved a 10-foot easement on the lot side of all lots bounding any private lands of the development or any lots bounding private third parties property for public utility.

d.   They further excepted and reserved the right to trim and cut down any and all trees located within easements, and a right to maintain all public utilities in the easements. Also reserved was the right to cross all road easements with public utilities.

6.   When any Pennsylvania governing authority takes any action or declares any emergency situation, such as drought, fire hazard potential, flooding condition, chemical spill, etc., all Property Owners shall be notified (via community sign or community bulletin board) of the emergency condition and comply with any regulations established during the emergency situation. Fines shall be imposed in accordance with Section VII of these Rules and Regulations.

7.   During drought condition, no watering of lawns, washing of vehicles, cars, trucks, trailers, or driveways is allowed. No filling of hot tubs or other excessive use of water is permitted. Noncompliance may result in water to the offending Property Owner being turned off until such time as an agreement to comply is obtained, or fines imposed, or both. Independence Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day are herewith deemed to occur during drought conditions.

8.   No lot perimeter fencing of properties is permitted. No above ground or in-ground swimming pools are permitted. No individual water supply is permitted.

9.   Only one (1) For Sale or Open House sign, maximum size of 18” x 24”, is allowed on the property of any owner or on any LLDA property.  Contractors may erect one (1) sign during construction of a home in the community.  Erecting signs on PPL property is governed by PPL and they must be contacted prior for permission.


10.  No structure of a temporary character, trailer, tent, shack, garage, barn or other outbuilding shall be used on any lot as a residence, either temporarily or permanently.

11.  The speed limit on Laurel Lane roadways is 15 m.p.h.

12.  Swimming at community dock areas is prohibited.

13.  No heavy equipment (ten tons or more) is permitted on roads during periods between February 1St and April 30th in accordance with the Pennsylvania Uniformed Planned Community Act (Act 180 of 1997). In the event of an emergency, prior authorization is required from a number of the LLDA Board of Directors.

14.  No construction equipment shall be placed, or used on any road unless equipped with rubber tires. All non-rubber tired equipment moved from site to site must be moved using flat-bed trucks and may not be off loaded on LLDA roadways. Failure to comply will result in a $200 fine, regardless of whether or not the violation is a first offense, in addition to being responsible for repairs. See Fees/Fines/Deposits for further details.

15.  The homeowner shall provide that the intersection between the driveway and the road shall be at the road grade and not rise sharply so as to create an interference with the blade of a snowplow. Damage to a driveway by the community plowing, due to such interference, will be the responsibility of the homeowner, not LLDA or its snowplowing contractor. Also, LLDA maintains a utility and maintenance right of way of ten feet. LLDA and/or its contractors shall not be responsible for damage to personal or real estate property improvements, such as, but not limited to flower boxes, driveway markers, landscape walls, etc., by road maintenance operations.

16.  All exterior lighting will be directed away from adjoining property.

17.  Refuse collection is each property owner's responsibility. Garbage cans with secure lids are required. This will prevent garbage spills caused by foraging animals. Stand-alone bags are prohibited.

18.  Loud and boisterous conduct is discouraged at all times. Loud music and noise is prohibited between llpm and 8am.

19.  Roadways must remain open and unobstructed at all times for emergency vehicles. Property owners having a gathering at their home should limit parking to their lot. Violators will be towed at the owner's expense.

20.  Dogs must be leashed when on community property as per the PA Leash Law.

21.  Fireworks of any kind are prohibited with the Laurel Lane Development Association.

22.  Open "bonfires" are prohibited. Burning is permitted only in metal containers, fireplaces constructed of stone, brick or material of a similar non-flammable nature, or in stone fire circles of approximately one foot in height. All fires are to be manned and controlled with an adequate water supply available whenever burning takes place. The Board reserves the right to determine if a particular fire is operating in accordance with LLDA safety regulations.

23.  The shooting of firearms, air guns, paintball guns, BB guns, and bow & arrows within the Laurel Lane Development Association is prohibited.

24.  In the interest of safety and of preserving property values in the community, property must not be maintained in an unsafe or unsightly manner. For safety reasons, attractive nuisances and unsafe conditions shall not be allowed to exist. The Board retains the right to establish rules in regard to this subparagraph and to then monitor compliance.

25.  Vehicles capable of being registered for public highway usage that are not currently registered and do not have a current license plate must be garaged. No construction and/or excavation equipment is permitted to be stored on any property in the community.

26.  Snowmobiles, ATV's, golf carts and similar vehicles are prohibited without the appropriate state registration and liability insurance coverage. All-terrain vehicles must be operated in compliance with the PA All-Terrain Vehicle Law. This law includes sections regarding registration, titles, insurance, age of driver, helmet use, designated roads, equipment requirements, safety training and enforcement. The minimum age for operation of a golf cart in LLDA is 16 yrs. old, with or without a guardian.

27.  Dock lot parking is limited to vehicles providing access to docks and community common areas. Dock areas are not to be used for general parking purposes.

28.  No alteration of any kind to community common property is allowed, as well as no overnight parking or use of the common grounds for personal storage (i.e. storage of materials, boat/trailer/equipment storage, drainage purposes, dumping of leaves/debris, etc.).




1.    The Building Committee of the Laurel Lane Development Association shall review the plans, specifications, permits and insurance policies for all projects prior to commencement in the community. LLDA shall specify in writing any items that are missing or that do not comply with these Regulations and/or Laurel Lane Deed Restrictions.

2.    The general contractor will supply the Laurel Lane Development Association with Insurance Certificates in the amount of $1,000,000 for Liability, Property Damage, Workman's Disability, Workman's Compensation, Fire and Theft. The Laurel Lane Development Association is to be named as co-insured.

3.    The owner must submit a completed Building Permit Application form (see page 111-3) to the LLDA Building Committee along with the specified fees and documents, including but not limited to the township building permit. The application will be approved or disapproved within 30 days.

4.    Two (2) sets of plans for the home, addition, garage or other similar project are required. The home must comply with the B.O.C.A. and have a minimum of eight hundred (800) square feet of living space. Homes of the A-Frame design and house trailers will not be permitted. A plot plan showing site, setbacks, building corners, and decks are required. The plans must also include a drawing/diagram of the encroachment of the proposed driveway onto the LLDA roadway. (The drawings must clearly show that the grades at the intersection between the driveway and the LLDA roadway will not result result in interference with a snowplow blade and that water runoff during deluge conditions will flow into the drainage ditch on the same side of the road as the driveway and therefore will not run onto the LLDA road.) The drawings must also show the size of a culvert pipe (where required) that will carry runoff water under the driveway. This pipe must be of the plastic smooth bore type. After approval of the house design and layout, one set of plans will be returned to the owner along with the Building Peiiiiit. The second set of plans and site layout will be retained by LLDA.

5.    In terms of subdivisions, the Building Committee shall be provided with detailed maps showing the location of the water mains, main valves, taps, corporation stops, service lines, curb stops, and curb boxes for its approval four weeks prior to the initiation of work for the installation of water mains. Any changes or deviations made by the contractor to the plans, after their initial approval, must be re­submitted to and re-approved by the Building Committee. All construction must comply with approved plans and specifications provided to LLDA and the appropriate township. Any deviation from plans and specifications in terms of external dimensions and location will result in a Notice of Violation, specifying the non-complying work. The Owner and/or Contractor will have ten (10) days to bring all work into compliance with the approved plans and specifications and may not proceed with any work related to the violation until the LLDA approves the correction. If the violation is not corrected, a Stop Work Order will be issued and no work of any kind may continue on the site until the owner and LLDA issues a written Order to Continue.

6.    Any work being perfonned by, or for, a LLDA property owner that will pierce the surface or requires excavation of any portion of the road requires coordination with the V.P. Roads and V.P. Water to assure that water or septic lines are not ruptured or damaged.

7.    No open fires are permitted during construction.

8.    The final grading of the site shall have no adverse effect on water drainage to surrounding or lower level properties. The property owner is responsible to correct the grading in order to eliminate the adverse effect. The grading shall be in conformity with the requirements of the Pike County Soil Conservation District.

9.    The owner and/or contractor must complete the entire exterior of the building within eighteen (18) months of commencement of construction and all sites must be cleaned of debris and restored to a clean condition within six months of the completion of the exterior of the building.

10.   Clearing, excavation, construction and the use of the equipment and power tools (both indoor and outdoors) is permitted only during the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. None of the above is permitted on Sundays and designated holidays (New Year's Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day). This rule shall apply to contractors only and shall not apply to property owners performing work on their own premises.

11.   A portable toilet facility is required on the construction site from the commencement of the foundation to receipt of the Certificate of Occupancy.

12.   Please refer to the LLDA Restrictive Covenants for any further building requirements.


1.    USE OF HEAVY EQUIPMENT :: See Item 13 of Section II, General Rules/Definitions and Items 1-4 of Section VII, Fees/Fines/Deposit Rules.

2.    SEPTIC SYSTEM WORK/REPAIR :: Work on septic systems generally requires a permit from the local Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO). We have had cases where the contractor misled the LLDA member by saying that a permit was not necessary for the rework the contractor was doing. Check with the SEO for the township [Greene or Palmya] in which the property is located.


3.   NEW SUBDIVISIONS :: Any water systems being installed for subdivisions within the Laurel Lane Development Association must be installed in accordance with rules and specifications stated herein. Upon completion of the fully complaint installation the system must be deeded to the LLDA. At that point the system will be maintained by the LLDA.

4.   The design of the water system shall allow for future growth. To this end each new subdivision line shall be considered as a main line. The line shall be installed as if it were to complete a loop and rejoin the existing LLDA system at another point, even though the immediate run is to serve only a few homes. An exemption from this requirement can be granted if it can be shown that the deed restrictions would prevent the line to be continued at a future time.

5.   EXISTING SYSTEMS :: Repair/upgrade to existing LLDA water systems are under the cognizance of the standing committee for water, headed by the board member designated as Chairman of the Water Committee. During repairs the mains would be upgraded to the standards, established herein, if warranted by the magnitude of the rework.

6.   EXCAVATION :: The trench shall be excavated to a depth sufficient to provide five (5) feet of cover over the pipe. The bottom of the trench is to be excavated to a depth of six (6) inches below the beam of the pipe and should be true and level. A 6 inch base of sand or 2A modified shall be installed and tamped before the line is installed. After installation of the lines, the procedure for COVER AND BACKFILL listed below shall be followed.

7.   HARDWARE :: Mains shall be 3 inch PVC SDR 21 equipped with bells and gaskets or mechanically jointed ends. Glue joints are not permitted. "T's" and elbows shall be made of ductile iron and mechanically joined. Thrust blocks shall be placed at the "T's" and elbows. Thrust blocks shall be concrete and poured from virgin soil to the "T's" or elbows. The "T" or elbow and pipe and bolts must not be covered by concrete.

8.   Valves shall be made of ductile iron and be of the resilent wedge design.

9.   COVER AND BACKFILL :: The pipe shall be covered by twelve (12) inches of sand, or 2A modified, and hand tamped in six (6) inch lifts. The remainder of the trench is to be backfilled in lifts not exceeding eighteen (18) inches and tamped by a jumping jack or other similar device.

10.  In easements, fill shall be comprised of suitable material with rocks not exceeding twelve (12) inches in size. The top of the trench shall be top-soiled and seeded with grass.

11.  "Under road" and "on road shoulders" backfill material shall be 2A modified. WATER LINES :: HOMESITES

12.  SERVICE LINE TO MAINS CONNECTIONS :: Connections between the homesite and the LLDA mains will be allowed only during the period from April 1st to November 15th inclusive.

13.  Notifications :: Three days notification is required to allow for the LLDA Water Operator to be available for inspection of the connection and related work.

14.  A fee for site connection to the LLDA water mains is required in accordance with Item 4 of Section VII Fee/Fines/Deposit Rules.

15.  The property owner is responsible for any water line repairs occurring from the point where their line is tapped into the main to their home.

16.  SERVICE LINES :: All service lines, passing under a LLDA road, shall be installed in four (4) inch smooth walled conduit. The conduit shall be installed in a straight and true manner. The ends shall be sealed with a sealing compound to prevent dirt, debris and water from flowing in to the conduit. The trench shall be excavated to a depth sufficient to provide five (5) feet of cover over the pipe. The bottom of the trench is to be excavated to a depth of six (6) inches below the beam of the pipe and should be true and level. Any over-excavation is to be filled to grade, properly compacted by vibrating or jumping jack compactors in lifts not exceeding 12 inches and have the surface refinished to match the surrounding roadway.

17.  All taps are to be made using either a plastic or brass saddle. Corporation stops are to be of the tapered thread design. No clamp type devices are to be used.

18.  The service lines shall be 200 psi polyethylene tubing and stainless steel stiffness. The connection can be either of the flare or compression types.

19.  Curb stops are to be of the full ball type. Curb boxes are to be either cast iron or galvanized steel. The curb stop shall have a riser, securely attached to the valve, that allows the valve to be operated by a standard 3 foot turn off tool [key].

20. CROSS CONNECTION CONTROL :: Each house must have a main shut-off valve, that is protected from freezing, installed in the basement or crawl space. Immediately after this shut-off valve a double check type backflow preventer [anti-siphon valve] and a pressure regulator must be installed.




21. Each property must have a fully operational curb-stop valve.  If a valve is not operational, it is the responsibility of the property owner to have it repaired or replaced.


1.    The Laurel Lane Development Association is the owner of all PPL Electric Company permits for the common area docks. The LLDA also owns all of the land that provides access to the docking areas. Both the LLDA and PPL permits consider a slip to be occupied by only one watercraft, i.e. one boat, one jet ski, or one personal water craft.

2.    The Dock Slips are the property of the LLDA. The slips are rented for the season to the member-in­good-standing that paid the rental fee. The rental, or slip location, does not transfer to the new property owner if the property is sold or transferred in any manner.

3.    The slip may only be used for a boat or watercraft that is registered to the property owner.

4.    Slips may not be sub-let. This is a violation of Pike County tax assessments and could result in the LLDA losing their rights to the tax status of the dock areas. Any violator will be responsible for any fines incurred as well as any legal costs incurred in correcting the situation caused by the violation.

5.    The slip renter must provide a copy of the boat registration and a phone number where they can be reached in case of an emergency. This information must be provided with submittal of the rental fee.

6.    The slip locations are assigned by the Dock Committee. Relocating to another slip must be approved by the Dock Committee.

7.    The Dock Committee may request the Board of Directors take disciplinary action against boat owners or users behaving in an unsafe or dangerous manner.

8.    The boating season is considered to be from 1 May through 1 October of each year. These dates may be revised by the Dock Committee due to weather conditions or PPL imposed restrictions. Any boats that not removed by the posted date will be towed to a local marina at the owners expense.

9.    A one time initiation fee is required for the first time rental of a slip by a property owner. This is in addition to payment of the annual rental fee. This fee is not transferable; however, once paid, it is not required that a slip be rented each year for the initial fee to remain in effect.

10.   There will be no proration of the initial fee or the annual rental fee for late rentals or early departures.

11.   A property owner who rented a slip/location the immediately prior year will be given first choice for renting the same slip the following year. This applies only if the member is in good standing and the dues and rental fees are paid by 31 March.

12.   A waiting list will be established for dock slips in the event all available slips are rented.

13.   There are a limited number or oversized slips. Members-in-good-standing may request being put on a waiting list for these docks if all are rented.

14.   In the event that there are surplus docks in a given year, the Dock Committee may:


a.    Allow a property owner who has a boat slip assigned to obtain an additional slip for that year upon application, payment of the annual fee, and providing a copy of the boat registration. This is an independent action for the year in question and therefore there is no additional initial fee required. There are no obligations or guarantees that the slip will be available the following year.


b.    Allow a lakefront property owner to obtain a slip for that year by payment of the annual fee and submittal of a copy of the boat registration. This is a single year action which provides no rights that the rental will be allowed in subsequent years. Thus there would be no initial fee required.




15. There will be no dumping or leaving of garbage, cans or bottles of any type in the dock areas. Please bring trash bags to enable your clean up. The LLDA cannot provide trash cans due to the costs of trash pickup and the abuse by individuals using the containers to dispose of their weekly garbage.

16.  No fireworks of any kind are permitted in the dock areas.

17.  Any dock/boat protection, i.e. fenders, bumpers, anti-skid material, etc., that is installed by the renter must be of marine grade material that is designed for the specific application. Carpeting, fire hose, tires, etc., are not to be used.

18. Parking:


a.  The PPL owned areas of the dock lots can only be used by vehicles for transitioning to launch and retrieve.


b.  Parking at the LLDA portion of all dock lots is for cars and small trucks only.


c.  No trailers of any type are to be parked at the dock areas on weekends and holidays. Violators may be towed to a facility where the trailer can be redeemed by paying the towing fee.


d.  No vehicles or trailers can be parked overnight in the dock areas. Violators may be towed to a facility where the trailer can be redeemed by paying the towing fee.


e. All parking shall be made at 90 degrees.


19. Only members in good standing are allowed to launch boats, registered to those members, at the dock areas.

20. The Board currently implements a watercraft/trailer identification program (i.e. stickers on boats) to ensure that only LLDA members are utilizing the private dock slips and launch areas. Please contact the Association to obtain information regarding boat stickers. It is the responsibility of the property owner to obtain all necessary identification markers (flags, stickers, etc.) required by the Association unless otherwise notified.


21. All initial dock and annual rental fees paid to LLDA are non-refundable.



The following is the LLDA Rental Policy.

1.  LLDA property owners wishing to rent their home must first review the Rental Policy and complete an Annual Landlord Rental Registration Form.

2.  The annual Landlord Rental Registration Form, a copy of which is included as page VI-3, shall be completed and returned to the LLDA prior to any rentals taking place.

3.  A Rental Policy and Annual Landlord Rental Registration Form will be provided to the property owner upon request from the LLDA.

4.  A renter must not sublet the property as a unit or any part thereof.

5.  Failure to register a rental property pursuant to this policy will subject the member to a $100 fine.

6.  Property owners and/or the managing agent must provide renters with a copy of the LLDA Rules & Regulations. A copy of the Pertinent Rules & Regulations (following page) must be posted at various locations throughout the rental house. One additional copy can be obtained by request from the LLDA. Additional copies after that must be made by the property owner in the case of multiple rentings or damage to the document.

7.  Renters must adhere to all the LLDA Rules & Regulations. Property owners will be responsible for the Renter's actions. Any violations of the Rules & Regulations will be communicated directly to the property owners with warnings and fines imposed.

8.  Lakefront rentals must abide by all PPL rules and regulations. Copies of any pertinent PPL rules should be posted in those rental homes also.

9.  Property owners may not allow renters to dock their boats at the owner's community slip.  Community slips may only contain boats registered to the appropriate LLDA property owner. Renters are also prohibited from launching watercraft at the community dock areas. A public launch is located within one mile at the PPL Ledgedale Recreation Area.








  • The speed limit is 15 mph.
  • Roadways must remain open and unobstructed at all times for emergency vehicles. If you are having a gathering at your home please limit parking to your lot. Violators will be towed at the owners' expense.
  • Loud and boisterous conduct is discouraged at all times. Loud music, noise and barking dogs are prohibited between the hours of 11 pm and 8 am daily.
  • Dogs must be leashed or under the control of their owners at all times. This is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Leash Law!
  • Fireworks of any kind are prohibited with the Laurel Lane Development Association.
  • Open bonfires are prohibited. Burning is permitted in metal containers only. All fires are to be manned and controlled whenever burning takes place.
  • With regard to lakefront properties, the section of land between the PPL high water line and the actual water level is under the control of the rules of PPL. Bonfires on that property requires written approval from PPL with construction of the fire pit to their specification.
  • The shooting of firearms within LLDA is prohibited.
  • Refuse collection is each property owners' responsibility. Secured, covered  garbage cans are mandatory in order to prevent garbage spills by  foraging animals. Stand-along plastic bags are prohibited! Property  owners will be fined for violation of this rule!
  • Please respect the rights of your neighbors and clean up after yourself when using the common areas.
    If you have any questions or concerns contact LLDA at the above number and leave a Message.



The property owner is responsible to comply with local utility requirements. Fees shall be submitted to the LLDA Treasurer in the faun of a check made payable to the Laurel Lane Development Association (LLDA). This section shall apply to new construction and repairs, work performed by contractors, work performed by homeowners, and to fines referred to in any section of these Rules & Regulations. Failure to pay a fee or fine may result in a stop work order and/or result in the homeowner being classified as a member-not-in-good-standing. Descriptions and amount are as follows:

1.       WATER CONNECTION FEE :: A $350 fee is charged for inspection of the new water connection made to the LLDA water main Three (3) days notification is required to allow an LLDA Board representative and/or the LLDA water operator to be available to inspect the connection of the water Service line to the main water line. An additional fee may be required for inspection by the LLDA Certified Water Operator (checks should be made payable directly to the CWO serving LLDA).

2.      PERMIT APPLICATION FEE :: A $100 permit application fee is required for all new construction, including homes and garages/out-buildings, and additions. This fee should be included with submittal of the Building Application Form.

3.     FINES :: All fines for violation of any LLDA rule shall be imposed according to the following schedule:


a.      1st Offense:           $100

b.      2nd Offense:          $200

c.      3rd Offense:           $500 and a stop work order issued if applicable.


4.     Appeal Process :: Violators may appeal to the Laurel Lane Development Association Board of Directors upon receipt of a notice of violation. An appeal must be initiated by submittal of a written request. The appeal must be received by LLDA within fifteen days of receipt of the violation.

5.    The Board reserves the right to classify simultaneous multiple offenses as being more than a single offense. For example, three offenses on the same day could cause the imposition of an $800 fine with a stop work order being imposed (if applicable). In addition, the Board reserves the right to establish fines for infractions not specifically covered above.

6.     The Board reserves the right to institute any type of construction/building deposit allowable under the provisions of PA Title 68, Act 180 - Uniform Planned Community Act.




7. EMERGENCY FUND - The Board reserves the right to establish an Emergency Fund for the express use of unanticipated community expenditures.




8. All fees (dues, dock payments, fines, late fees, permit and water connection) paid to the Association are non-refundable.



PLEASE NOTE: This is a re-typed copy of the actual covenants.  Actual covenants should be referred to for all legal and other purposes requiring accuracy.  This re-typed copy is provided for convenience purposes only.

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